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We offer residential Appliance repair in Canon City, CO and souronding area. 

Hot Tub Services now being offered. 

 We are a small appliance repair service company owned & operated by a Factory Trained service Technician with 30+ years experience. See below for a list of products we currently work on.

Our Family Appliance in Cañon City, CO

Appliance Service Call / Rates



The service call fee is $50* (Cañon City, CO ) this includes the service trip fee and diagnosis during a single call. **

Additional parts and labor may be required.     

Hourly Rate Appliance: $75.00

Hourly Rate Hot Tub:       $85.00


Frequently Asked Questions



  • How much is a service call, and what does it cover?

The service call fee is $50* (Cañon City, CO ) this includes the service trip fee and diagnosis for up three appliances during a single call. **Additional parts and labor may be required.

  • What if I have more than 3 appliances to be looked at?

We are currently only scheduling 3 appliances per service appointment.  If you have more the initial 3 appliances, we will offer a discount and schedule them at the next available date.If you did not mention the additional appliance at the time of scheduling, We may not have time during that call to work on it and still provide our level of service to our other scheduled customers. We will offer you a trip charge discount and schedule in the next available date.

  • What are your hours? 

Monday -Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: By Appointment ONLY

Sunday:  Closed


**Good for 30 days, for the same issue(s)

FAQ cont.


  • What do I do if I smell gas? 

Make sure the  stove knobs are not on, sometimes little people both 2 and 4 legged can turn them by accident.  If it's not a simple solution like that. GET OUT AND DIAL 9-1-1  (Your safety is the most important thing. )

or call your gas company.

  • What do I do when my appliance will not turn on?

Always check your power source. Some products can be reset by unplugging for a few minutes as well.  Call for more info.

  • What about water on the floor

Try to determine the source and turn off the appropriate closest valve. Be sure to use caution if near electrical devices, and turn off the power (unplug) if possible. 

call for more info.

  • Do you offer immediate service (emergency)?   

We do not offer Emergency Service Calls. We always try to schedule ASAP, no matter the situation.


Closed for the HOLIDAYS:

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Our Family Appliance Repair and Services, LLC.

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